Picking the right mortgage- a guide for first time home buyers

If you are buying your home for the first time, choosing the right mortgage can be difficult and complicated.  You put yourself at risk of compromising your future financial stability. If you get the wrong mortgage, you may impose debts that your income may be unable to cover. The most serious consequence you can face is losing your home to the lenders and becoming homeless. When you are choosing a mortgage, pay a close attention to detail and don’t rush the process for a positive result. Here are some tips to help you pick the right mortgage.

First, find out how much you want to borrow and how much you can afford. Keep in mind that when you take the loan, you will have Responsibilities like tax, utilities, insurance debts and licences.  Make sure the amount you borrow does not affect these other responsibilities when you are paying off the monthly payments.

Get a pre-approval from a real estate agency to have a scope of how much lenders will be willing to offer you. If your credit is low d you have a large down payment, you are likely eligible for the highest amount they can give you. Bad credit reports, debts and low inconsistent incomes will reduce the amount and increase the interest rates to your loans.  Before you start the home shopping process, make sure you clear all your debts to benefit from the reduced interest on mortgages that is given to debt –free borrowers.

When you are done assessing your financial abilities, create a plan indicating the type of house you want and the price range you are willing to pay.  Before you start house hunting, visit several mortgage companies to compare interest rates and payment methods until you find one that ranges between your budgets.  With multiple offers, you have the ability to negotiate and keep one that is convenient for you.

If you don’t know your way around the real estate business, hire a real estate crew to help you. A mortgage broker will be useful when it comes to finding the best lender deals. Mortgage brokers have vast knowledge and know their way around the mortgage market. Hiring a mortgage broker may cost you, but it will save your time and energy.  Mortgage brokers fill the communication gap between you and the lender. Find a broker who is more concerned with helping you rather that extorting you.

When taking a mortgage, you can choose a repayment method where you pay the principal amount and interest in monthly instalments or the interest only payment where the interest is paid in monthly instalments and the principal amount is covered in full.  Use the payment plan you created to choose between a fixed interest rate payment and a variable interest payment method.

Lastly, when you have found a perfect home and the best mortgage for you, review all the application forms and policies before putting down any signatures. Hire a lawyer to look through all the legal issues to make sure you are making a legitimate deal with government approved agancies.